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About Us

Football is the biggest sport on the planet and there are millions of kids every weekend, even every day, playing this fantastic game. Football is a very technical sport, yet anyone can play. Football is a skillful sport, but all levels can have fun. Football is a team sport, with individual appeal. SAFCA NZ (South American Football Centre and Academy) is purpose designed for anyone. Our goal is that everyone who comes to SAFCA will have fun and develop their game to a new level. It's easy for a 12 year old to play on the same field (street, court) as a 7 year old and for both to benefit.

The same applies with girls/boys and the most/least skillful We have children who can juggle over 3000 on the same court as those who just get 2, but they work together. SAFCA NZ is set up to suit the user. So, you chose from any of the packages that work for you. You can pay weekly, 10 sessions or even yearly. You can even use SAFCA to suite your needs when Johnny's club training is cancelled. SAFCA is for you. We'll work with anyone, club, association, academy.

Our interest is in the best needs of the child and creating as many opportunities as possible. We play on a hard surface with normal footballs because this helps to improve balance (no one wants to fall over) and ball control (the ball needs a soft touch to stay close and stay down). We tell the children there are only three options when they have the ball: dribble, pass or shoot. No more kicking the ball out or kicking it away. Learn to get out of danger with skill and smarts.

If SAFCA grows it won't be because we have grandiose ideas, but because it is achieving the purposes to suit you. Additional opportunities SAFCA offers are inter- SAFCA tournaments (4 per year) holiday programmes soccer camps, one on one a chance to trial for the NZ CrossWhites international team

So, I look forward to seeing you at a SAFCA near you

Kim Beale (Director)

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