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Rewarding Progress

It is important that the children are recognised for their progress, attitude and efforts


Just as an international player receives a cap when they represent their country, we are giving a star (around logo on shirt) for every fifty appearances at a SAFCA Academy Programme, as well as tournaments and holiday programmes.

This is our way of appreciating and rewarding loyalty.


There are four awards given out at the end of the year (8 if you include Runner-up).

Player of the Year

This is an award for the player who excels most in the following areas

Ability, Attitude, Attendance, Improvement & Game Understanding

Most Advanced Player

Not like the traditional 'Most Improved Player' where the lesser player get's it.

This is an award given to a person who shows the greatest improvement in the areas mentioned in the 'Player of the Year' Award.

Commitment Award

Some kids turn up every week and even when they aren't feeling the best. They just want to be there. This needs to be rewarded. This includes academies, holiday programmes, tournaments & camps.

Coaches Award

Quite simply the person the coach would want to coach the most. They happily make the experience good for everyone.


Instead of doing testing and trying to get some measure of progress this way, we operate with a more subjective criteria.

At the discretion of the coaches and the criteria used for Player of the Year, players are taken through the different levels with the reward being a medal.

While this is subjective the coaches are given guidelines for each of the seven levels.

Medals can be presented at any time during the year. From January 2014 every player is at level 0, so we expect some rapid progress


Should any player make AFF, NFF (or the like), national or NZ CrossWhites selection they will be added to the honours board that will be updated at the end of every year.

This will be as of Jan 2014, but could include a SAFCA kid who goes on to play for NZ in 2020

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